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The muvman industry ESD is specially designed for use in production and assembly facilities, laboratories, ESD zones and white rooms (ESD version).

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BENEFITS Dynamic standing seating seat Aeris Muvman Industry ESD

Easily move from sitting position to standing work thanks to sdynamic standing chair Aeris Muvman Industry ESD, an advanced stool model that offers a state-of-the-art ergonomics coupled with tailor-made comfort. It offers an optimal body position regardless of the posture adopted by the user. Its highly thoughtful design does not confer any concession between aesthetics and comfort of use, incorporating the suspended advanced 3D technology developed by Aeris. The user can thus discover the advantages of the vertical movement supported on a three-dimensional seat height adjustment range. This series of natural movements introduced by the tabouret ergo-dynamique Aeris Muvman Industry ESD will allow optimal oxygen supply while improving blood circulation. The back is perfectly aligned with the rest of the body and the intervertebral discs are protected against the deleterious effects of the prolonged sitting position.

The headquarters sitting standing Aeris Muvman Industry ESD is mounted with a stable and firm ergonomic seat that rests on a flexible central column. It offers greater freedom in movements combined with a completely revisited mobility. The user enjoys a comfortable, easily customizable seat suitable for each size and all templates. L’aheight adjustable seat Aeris Muvman Industry ESD is completely functional. It leaves room for radical health benefits and significant impacts on productivity and the overall concentration of employees. Other more of this product, its unique design and its easy-to-use coating.

Muvman industry

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2 years
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3/4 weeks
Type (sit)
Sitting up

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