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Betterwork market a large number of ergonomic solutions for the office, the house in order to telework in the best conditions. Betterwork offers ergonomic seats, offices at varying heights and other ergonomic accessories for everyday life.

Betterwork is a distributor of specialized products for working environments, office spaces, as well as working spaces at home.

With several years of experience in the occupational health and well-being sectors Betterwork offers a wide range of product choices with technical specificities to improve working comfort. In his search manufacturers Betterwork selects actors located in the European area and ideally in the French territory. Betterwork search for long-term and demand-driven sustainable products to avoid overproduction that could lead to the depletion of terrestrial resources.

Betterwork looking for new products that are ever more innovative and respectful of people and the environment.

Today Betterwork has developed 5 universes or everyone can find a product that corresponds to it:

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The Belomb inflatable lumbar support is designed for office chairs, chairs with high backs but can also be attached to a car seat. The Belomb inflatable lumbar support provides support and relieves the back. Thanks to its inflatable pocket, the user can vary the thickness according to their needs.