I choose my payment method

Having choice among many quality products is normal. I also want to have the choice of payment method that fits my needs, my expectations.

Betterwork.fr offers many means of payment, adapted to each case. Some payments are limited to an amount or geographic area. Whatever your situation, you'll have a choice.

What payment methods do we offer?

If you live in metropolitan France, you can choose from the following payment methods:

Paiement by carte bancaire

Credit card with online payment

Credit card with online payment (on the secure bank website) on the site directly. You set your order online to our fully secure server. Your transaction is ensured by PayPlug, and your order is processed immediately. 3D Secure rules from €100 purchase.

More information about Payplug

Paiement virement bancaire

Bank transfer

By bank transfer specifying the order number in the transfer comment to improve the speed of processing of the order.

Paiement par paypal

Regulation with a PayPal account

If you have a PayPal account, you can use it to pay your purchases.

One imperative to order

"The name, billing and delivery addresses used for any order must be strictly in accordance with those stated in your PayPal account."

Otherwise your order will be automatically cancelled.

Conditions of Use of PayPal Services

Paiement virement bancaire

Regulation by Administrative Mandate

This method of payment is exclusively reserved for public accounting institutions (education, town hall, community...). SARL Ergosante accepts payment by administrative mandate, without limit. You can use your mandate (by joining your order), by mail or directly by email, downloading it from your computer. You will then receive an order confirmation email. you'll have to:

Send this to Ergosante as proof of budgetary commitment, by mail (mandat@betterwork.fr) or by downloading it directly from your computer via the contact form.