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Since the arrival of the Swedish orthopedic pillow on the market, SISSEL® has become one of the largest distribution groups for care equipment, massage and well-being products. In particular, sitting balls are the most recognized products.

Since the arrival of the Swedish orthopaedic pillow on the market, SISSEL® has become one of the most important distribution groups in care materials, massage and well-being products.

Today SISSEL®, sells innovative comfort products and complete equipment of care, massage, well-being and comfort at an ever better quality level. Sissel and also present in 12 antennas in Europe, Canada and the United States and a comprehensive network of international suppliers.


Establishment of the group in Germany in 1989. In 1991, the company SISSEL® France was created with its primary purpose: to have the Swedish orthopaedic pillows discovered to the physiotherapists and its entire SISSEL® range of comfort products for the back.

In 2001, Sisse sold the SISSEL® PLUS pillow which was the most sold. a real commercial success because millions of copies have elapsed. Thanks to this success and the know-how of partners working with the brand, the SISSEL® product range specializes in the following topics:

  • ergonomics,
  • comfort,
  • well-being,
  • prevention
  • quality therapy.

By specializing in these areas Sissel today covers all the needs of the physiotherapist, from small consumable to furniture and investment product. But Sissel it's not confined to this area, because you can find the brand in the areas of self-massage, pilates and yoga. His ergonomic balloons securemax allows everyone to be able to muscle their back easily.

Sissel is well known from the middle of the Yogi by offering a wide range of product to connect with its inner self.

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The SISSEL® SOFT pillow is made of viscoelastic memory foam that adapts slowly and flexibly, following each contour of the head and shoulder.

Like all SISSEL® pillows, it has reinforced neck support: curved shape for the shoulder-cervical part, neck supported by the wave which provides correct positioning of the spine.

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SISSEL® COMFORT nursing pouch: ingenious and multifunctional, ideal for the comfort and rest of future mothers, allows them to lie well supported and properly supported on their back and side, allows pregnant women to support their round belly when it becomes too heavy.

After birth, use as a nursing pillow. “U” shape. Composed of polystyrene microbeads. 100% cotton zippered cover.

SISSEL® Acupressur Mat

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SISSEL® Acupressur Swedish Mat is based on an old Indian tradition.

It has a beneficial and relaxing effect on cervical, back and shoulder pain.

It is also a reliable accomplice for sleep problems and many other pains.

This acupression mat promotes well-being and provides restorative sleep to your patients.