SISSEL® ROBUSTA folding massage table with carrying bag

VAT included

The Robusta folding table is wide and high, equipped with a removable and adjustable armrest and headrest, it offers great comfort of use

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SISSEL® ROBUSTA folding massage table

This very comfortable and accessorized version brings you several advantages:

Large, high, equipped with armrest and removable and adjustable headrest.

It features the Free Access Panel that allows you to perform a cranial massage easily by slipping your knees under the table.

TECHNICAL Folding massage table SISSEL® ROBUSTA

Colour Dark blue

Dimensions 186 x 71 cm about; headrest included: approximately 212 cm

Warranty 2 years

Material Solid beech wood and/or lamellé-collé

Weight 16 kg (without transport bag)

Standard EC

Supplied with Bag of tansport, terry, armrest

Weight max 130 kg

Density 18-19 kg/m2


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Delivery delay
3/5 days

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