Percko LOOP self-massage and treatment accessory

VAT included

Targeted automassage accessory

A patented form developed by a health professional

Adapted to each area of your back: cervical, trapezoidal, dorsal and lumbar

Massage and stretching exercises to be performed at the office, at home or on trip

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Benefits and technical characteristicss Self-massage and care accessory Percko LOOP

Percko Loop is a self-massage and treatment accessory dreadfully effective to instantly relieve the tense and tired areas at the neck, trapezoidal and spinal column in general. In a few minutes you will find a feeling of well-being in the office by freeing you from muscle fatigue and back stiffness. Sculpted in a very discreet designmassage device Percko Loop is an ally that wins absolutely everywhere.

Developed in France, theautomassage accessory Loop is a hand-held solution designed to accurately target muscle nodes and relieve pain in particularly sensitive areas of the back that are often complicated to reach. Simply put it discreetly against the folder to enjoy a targeted automassage session. In addition to offering moments of pure relaxation when you need it most, thetargeted massage device Percko Loop offers massage and stretching exercises adapted to each area of the back. It helps to work the posture by suggesting a series of optimal positions to adopt to maintain intervertebral discs while releasing the muscles.

L’automassage accessory ergonomic Loop is light and easily transportable so that you can use it whenever the need is felt. This patented technology is developed in a rounded design and a unique size for different applications. A finely crafted product to mould to the natural curvatures of the back by creating a symbiosis with the morphology of its user. It exerts a suitable pressure around the spinal column while acting in depth on the back muscles difficult to target such as trapezes and lumbars. Nice to use, Percko Loop is associated with a soft and easy maintenance coating. He is offered in two blue and Beige color versions.


Width 180mm
Diameter 130mm
Weight 450g

technologie percko loop


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