List of products by brand PERCKO

PERCKO was launched 2014 with the mission to develop simple and innovative solutions that will help end the pain and suffering caused by back pain. Improving everyday life is the first motivation and that of the entire Percko team. Products range from tensor t-shirts to back massagers.

Take care with Perko

Since its launch in 2014, Percko has developed simple and innovative solutions to help put an end to back pain and suffering. Launched by 2 engineers their objectives were to develop solutions offering short-term relief but providing a long-term solution. After 1 year of study surrounded by experts the T-shirt Percko was born. Its purpose is to accompany by naturally encouraging its wearer to recover while being flexible and uncomfortable for it. Since the first Percko T-shirt has been able to develop its range taking into account the feedback of its customers. Of course, Percko products are suitable for both women and men.

T-shirt helping to reduce backache

Lyne Up to relieve the back on a daily basis, 3 steps, relief, reinforce and reduce.
Lyne Fit protects your back when you do sports, 3 steps, reduces, protects and improves performance.
Lyne Pro, back protection jacket during manual activities, 3 steps, protects the back, decreases muscle fatigue and limits the risk of injury.

Loop allows you to relax your back in 10 minutes a day, it is a targeted auto-massage accessory that eliminates the tension and muscle nodes of the back. Adapted to each area of the back, cervical, trapezoidal, dorsal and lumbar, an ideal solution for all home workers

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