SISSEL® Myofascia Ball 12 cm

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Larger and more practical, the SISSEL® Myofascia Ball 12 cm specially promotes a punctual massage of the back, feet and shoulders.

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Description of Ball SISSEL® Myofascia 12 cm

For non-savants, it is a ergonomic massage ball measuring 12 cm. Made in Germany, this medical accessory of black color is designed without phthalates. For info, it is also possible to benefit from another smaller version of this Myofascia Ball, namely Ball SISSEL® Myofascia with 8 cm diameter. Just like the SISSEL® Myofascia Ø 8 cm ball, this sISSEL® Myofascia 12 cm means a massage accessory used to unravel the tense muscles due to agglutinated fascias in the body areas that are difficult to access. However, ball SISSEL 8 cm is more suitable for massage at the level of feet and hands. Conversely, the Ball SISSEL® Myofascia Ø12 cm instead targets the rest of the body, the thighs and shoulders. Buy this product and enjoy a two-year warranty.

The characteristics of the Ball SISSEL® Myofascia Ø12 cm

Product name : SISSEL Myofascia 12 cm

Reference: 34 326

Composition : Without Phtalates

Colour: Black

Dimensions: 12 cm

Maintenance: Washable with dishwasher at 65 °C

Warranty: 2 years

Material: PPE (exhausted polypropylene) indeformable

Origin: Made in Germany

Weight : 14 g

Type of massage : Fascia


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