Double Ball SISSEL® Myofascia (8 cm)

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Similar to Double Ball SISSEL 12 cm, the Sissel® Myofascia Double Ball 8 cm is a smaller version, but still as effective for self-massage of contracted muscle areas and for one-time muscle relax.

Colors : Black
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Description and benefits of Double Ball SISSEL® Myofascia 8 cm

For non-initiates, this is a double ball 8 cm diameter and 16 cm long. Used frequently for body massage, the Double Ball SISSEL is particularly effective in relieving muscle tension at the vertebral column level. But that’s not all! it is also useful to perform intensive musculature massage at the neck, legs, or calves. Other benefits than this type of ball massage offer, we can also mention its support for muscle revitalization and muscle regeneration. Easy to use, it is possible to use this Ball on a table, on a wall or on the ground.

This quality product is from Germany and has a 2-year warranty. The material is made of undeformable PPE (polypropylene) . Aesthetic and practical Double Ball SISSEL 8 cm has two different colors to prefer: black and blue. No odor, this type of Ball is completely ecological and recyclable.

Technical characteristics of the Double Ball SISSEL® Myofascia Ø8 cm

Product name : Double Ball SISSEL Myofascia 8 cm

Type of massage : Fascia

References: 34 328B, 34 328

Colour: Blue/Black

Price : 15,90 € (blue) / 16,90 € (black)

Dimensions: 8 cm (diameter of each ball); 16 cm (length of product)

Warranty: 2 years

Material used: PPE (exhausted polypropylene) indeformable

Origin of manufacture : Germany


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