SISSEL® COMFORT nursing towel (without pillowcase)

VAT included

SISSEL® COMFORT nursing pouch: ingenious and multifunctional, ideal for the comfort and rest of future mothers, allows them to lie well supported and properly supported on their back and side, allows pregnant women to support their round belly when it becomes too heavy.

After birth, use as a nursing pillow. “U” shape. Composed of polystyrene microbeads. 100% cotton zippered cover.

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BENEFITS Breastfeeding puff

Patients suffering from lumbar pain should diligently monitor their elongated position, especially if they sleep on the side.

The SISSEL® COMFORT polochon offers multiple possibilities of use and allows to stabilize many parts of the body for better ergonomic sleep.

It showed great help for pregnant women, especially when the spine and abdominal belt are being tested.

Stable positioning of the spinal column: pregnant women, alit patients.

Being lying on the side can cause torions in the back, especially in the lumbar region: the basin is unbalanced, leaning forward while the bust is supported by the arms and remains at the cross-section.

So sleep is no longer restorative, but much more a source of harmful torso and muscle tone for the back.

CARACTERISTICS Breastfeeding Pig

Dimensions 175 cm in exterior, 120 cm in interior x 35 cm

Standard EC

Polystyrene foam


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3/5 days

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