SISSEL® SIT STANDARD triangular seat cushion

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Blue triangular cushion for a better sitting position (case included).

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Benefits Triangular seat cushion SISSEL® SIT STANDARD

Easily increase your comfort wherever you are with SISSEL triangular seat cushion. Polyvalent, it quickly installs as a complement to any seat for a healthy and casual seat. This is cushion will accompany you everywhere, without congestion, to meet all your needs and effectively relieve your persistent pain.
According to some recent surveys, almost three-quarters of French people are suffering or have already suffered from back pain. Among the most expensive causes, the integration of bad postures comes at the top of the list. To combat these handicapping pathologies, the cushion SIT STANDARD Sissel appears as a preventive addition at your workstation. Designed ergonomicly for the purpose of relieving its users, it takes place anywhere in order to effectively ease your back problems.

This is positioning cushion adopts an innovative form. Triangular and slightly tilted forward of 10°, this ingenious seating allows the body to gradually release the accumulated tension for a very pleasant feeling of relaxation. Inspired by the natural positions of the human body, this medical accessory ensures intuitive adjustment of the column and a straight positioning. This posture thus relieves the intervertebral discs, the lumbar region and the coccyx and even leads to a significant relaxation of the shoulders and stroke. Indeed very suitable for intensive use, the sISSEL triangular cushion promises a well-being over the course of the day.

The beautiful dimensions of cushion SIT STENDARD 35 x 35 x 6 cm welcome without problems all morphologies for personalized maintenance. Composed of a high density polyurethane foam (140kg/m3), this seat supplement ensures unmatched comfort. Tendre and soft, it is complemented with a 100% cotton cover that certifies an ultra soft touch. Very easy to maintain, this removable coating easily passes to the 30°C machine.


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