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Gotessons is a company that keeps advancing the needs of its customers through an ever more innovative range of products. One of their speciality is the high-end ball seat for workspaces or telework.

Office Design Specialist for 3 Generations

Founded in 1984 by Ola Götessons, Gotessons is a company that keeps advancing the needs of its kind customers through a range of products that are always more innovative each time. For more than three generations, the brand has developed and marketed solutions, often unique in their thoughtful design to detail and in their functionality. The Swedish brand is now one of the leaders in the world of ergonomic office accessories and furniture. A specialist and a must-have ally in the development of workspaces, conference rooms and hotels, it offers state-of-the-art designs adapted to the needs and specific expectations of everyone. Focus on the emblematic products of Gotessons: the world’s first-ever cable road support invented in 92 by the brand’s founder, the series of ScreenIT table screens with zip closure that marks its first steps in the textile world in 2010. Since then, the Nordic manufacturer has continued to expand on the international chain through a wide range of acoustic, ergonomic, office automation and furnishing products.

Ergonomic, functional and design solutions for the office

We offer on our online shop and virtual showroom, a refined selection of Gotessons iconic products that will reinvent your office. Discover our impressive catalogue synthetic ornamental plants, more true than predestined nature to mislead your environment that it would really be a pity to privately. A touch of effortless greenery, a subtle tropical note to break the atmosphere too strict sometimes maussade from professional premises or sublimate your work space at home. A use that is infinity, multifunction ergonomic pouf Office Nap Gotessons embodies a real relaxing cocoon that immerses you in optimal comfort. Respectful of your body and ergo-dynamic, Gotessons Office Ballz is great to combine sport, well-being and productivity. These optimised swissball variants are incredibly effective ergonomic ball seats to work its posture and strengthen the postural muscles. For your company, the offices in open space and of course for teleworkers looking for the ideal alternative to work comfortably in the best conditions and take care of its health by the same occasion. In our collection signed by Gotessons, we necessarily have the solution that is intended for you to create a work environment that is both pleasant, comfortable, ergonomic, functional.

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Tulip LED Desk Lamp

€179.00 €143.20 -20%
Availability: 5 In Stock

Very affordable, efficient and foldable lamp with LED lighting.

Touch buttons to adjust the darkening and color temperature.

USB port 0.7 A to recharge a phone, etc.

Includes a plug not connected to the earth with sector adapter.

Funkia LED Desk Lamp

€179.00 €143.20 -20%
Availability: 5 In Stock

Funkia LED lamp is a mix between original design and functionality.

Its matte black or white shade adds a note of elegance to the table.

The joints at the top and bottom of the lamp allow you to adjust the lamp and the lighting angle according to your wishes. With a simple touch, you can also adjust the lighting according to 6 intensity levels and 4 color temperatures.

Includes two USB ports.

Contains a sheet not connected to the earth

Artificial decorative plant Bambu

€189.00 €151.20 -20%
Availability: 5 In Stock

Choose this pretty artificial bamboo imitated to perfection to decorate your office. An effortless touch of greenery for an office area with Far Eastern charm. Very realistic, requires little maintenance and does not cause allergies.