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Aeris made and creator of standing seating seats Muvman and Swopper offers us all its range of highly qualitative ergonomic seats, design and especially very comfortable! The Aeris seats can be found with a variable-level office as well as telework.

The brand Aeris is motivated by the objective of keeping our body in constant motion. Our products and solutions allow movement precisely in areas where it is least expected, but where it is most necessary in a seated position. The Aeris brand products are made to the order. They combine manufacturing quality and design finesse.

We sit too much and don't move enough.

This is detrimental to our health. The lack of activity deprives us of our concentration, energy and creativity. Modern lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, backaches and many others, are caused by this lack of exercise.

That's why Aeris' employees get up every morning. Their goal is to allow people to have an active and healthy lifestyle through our products. Their products and concepts contribute to an active and healthy lifestyle. They allow the movement precisely in the area where it is least expected, but most necessary - in seated position.

Aeris is your secret ingredient for a more active, healthier and more happy life.

Never sit down!

We all know that it is essential to live an active and conscientious life.

A healthy diet and full consciousness facilitate the management of all the great and small challenges that life brings to us every day. Cycling, jogging or going regularly to the gym are all important elements and the right measures to take.

However, they are a drop of water in the ocean if we take into account the fact that we spend most of our days in a relative immobility, from one form of seat to another. And who doesn’t want a cup of coffee in the afternoon. Or maybe a piece of chocolate. Often both.

We have nothing against coffee or chocolate, in fact we love both.

Aeris is against the still sitting position, which makes you tired and sick.

That is why Aeris has created products to allow you to remain active sitting - effortlessly.

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