Design chair AERIS Numo with Draping Chassis

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The Aeris Numo with skid frame can be used indoors but also outdoors (terrace, garden).

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Test new office furniture specially developed to revolutionize the good old roulette seats, here is for you the chair ultra design Aeris Numo. By discovering it you can only adopt it not only for its timeless beauty but above all to enjoy a whole new experience of sitting whether you are at home or at work. With Aeris Numo, it is now possible to work and let go at the same time. Its exceptional design, especially better for health, clearly benefits movement and relaxation.

Dynamic and contemporary

« Sitting otherwise instead of just sitting » That’s what you’re proposing design office chair Aeris Numo. Its elegant and warm cinematic reminiscent of the authentic and eternal Scandinavian trend that invites a contemporary style in your premises. This impressive creation of the famous designer Andreas Ostwald refers above all to the cosy furniture with an emphasised elegance. It provides you with a dynamic seat cushion, a touch of colour at the same time welcoming and pleasant that irresistibly catches the eye. In addition to facilitating good postural practices, this accessory with a very practical ergonomic shape doubles your comfort by adding precision and stability through its anti-slip coating.

The peculiarity of thesitting ergo-dynamic Aeris Numo to be translated by its crossed lever arm, its original trapping as well as armrests with amazing design; essential to be seated with style. It stands out by its slightly related form that can be found in its enveloping file combining aesthetics and functionality. The ergonomic seat Aeris Numo seduces you through a new way of working which is mainly to be seated while remaining in motion. Follow its insulent curves that cleverly combine outstanding dynamic characteristics. By offering better mobility combined with complete freedom of movement, Aeris Numo promotes concentration and also stimulates the attention of its user. Our model at the cutting edge of innovation ensures an absolutely balanced position that benefits the perfect symbiosis between the body and the mind. You are automatically sitting well, simply!

Ergonomic design chair

Copyed repeatedly but never equalled, the universal seat Aeris Numo is a award-winning design at the Red Dot Award 2019 and the International Design Awards 2018. The strict requirements of the jury at these prestigious competitions attest to the infallible quality of this exceptional design product. It is no longer versatile, it is used in several categories of offices; from the office to the conference room to the cafeteria, the reception room, the waiting room and of course the workspace at home. This model combines design and comfort for your greatest pleasure and eventually to impress your guests. Its incomparable ergonomics optimizes the seated posture of its user by clearly lifting tensions related to the extended seating position.

Aeris Numo, it is resolutely the chair that follows your movements and supports the natural curves of your spine. It combines all the conditions to finally relieve your back in an efficient way thanks to its mobile hull that makes it easier to switch to the front and back with optimal back support. Judiciously designed to rotate 360°, thedynamic seat Aeris Numo that we offer you complete freedom of movement and promote greater flexibility in your postures. You enjoy a whole new experience of the seating position that translates concretely to a high level of comfort. You keep your back straight without stress and effortless. The release is instantaneous. Optionally combined with active seat cushion, Aeris Numo is planned to offer the best alternative to your back between pressure and release. It takes its aises in a dynamic approach that brings together relaxation and massage.


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