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Scandinavian brand inspired by movement. Since 1979, the brand's ergonomic chairs have provided a unique and uncompromising experience, embodying activity and innovation.

The best of ergonomics and modern aesthetics in your premises

At the crossroads of design, freedom and innovation, Varier is a brand entirely inspired by the movement coming straight to us from the Far North. Over the years, the Norwegian manufacturer has established itself as a benchmark in the design of seats capable of providing optimal wellbeing. At the forefront of the world stage, it has established itself through original designs, meticulously designed to guarantee a unique and uncompromising seating experience. Signed by the know-how of a team of Scandinavian designers who rival creative genius, these iconic products make it possible to have the best posture in any situation. The ergonomic seats Varier accompany you to work and relax in order to revolutionize your daily life. The Nordic specialist blends in its functional designs and ease of use, all carved in a state-of-the-art aesthetic. A often unusual figure sometimes avant-garde, the creations that carry the fingerprints of the Scandinavian brand are boldly impressive but especially highly beneficial to health. They are not only perfect for a design space and in the air of time, but are above all predestined to revolutionize the way people sit.

Make way for the movement

Varier find its essence in our movements. Discover a range of ergonomic seats that are resolutely modern in the service of humans, furniture at the cutting edge of ergonomics and comfort that embody the activity and dynamism at all points. The manufacturer offers dauntingly effective seating solutions to easily adopt a good position and strengthen the postural muscles and relieve the entire back. You move even more while sitting, your body can move with ease and greater freedom. Referred to in the most iconic models of the Norwegian brand: the seat sitting on the knee Variable Balans Varier which introduces a variety of beneficial positions for intervertebral discs; the seating seat Move this is the first time that the commission has taken a position on this matter reclining relaxation armchairs 360° rotary adjustable desk stools in heightEverything but ordinary chairs, creations Varier reinvent your comfort through sculptural language, graphic expressions often lined with a futuristic strand but always with the movement at the heart of each seating. Choose your favorite model, the model that moves with your body!

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