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GGI is a manufacturer of quality office furniture focused on workspaces, reception, meeting rooms, conferences. GGI products are recognized worldwide for their robustness.

For more than 20 years GGI has showcased its experience in the design of office and reception armchairs to create high-end products for a wide audience. The quality of each manufactured product is essential and permanent control allows to offer sustainable products.

Many seats have become essential, such as the Concorde 24/24 seat, widely recognized by professionals for its quality and comfort during prolonged sitting. It is found, for example, in nuclear power plants, off-shore oil pumping platforms, where it is necessary to be seated properly during prolonged standby periods.

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An effective solution to prevent any back pathology, the Obus range has a flexible polycarbonate hull that allows for a deformation of the back.

Thus, the model marries the user’s movements while maintaining it throughout the day.

It is now available as an ergonomic version for optimal lumbar support.