Fatigue tape AERIS MUVMAT sans housse NOIR

VAT included

The active standing position, like on the floor of a forest: a permanent but relaxing movement.

The muvmat makes working in a prolonged standing position easier by eliminating fatigue.

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The carpet anti fatigue AERIS MUVMAT sans housse NOIR it is your individual walking forest on half a square meter alternating stone, soft foam and roots; a real must to awaken the senses. It makes the station stand less tedious. As functional as it is playful, this rug allows you to maximize the advantages of an office in height. Its structure has been ingeniously studied in order to encourage feet to carry out micro-movements on a continuous basis. Its foam as resilient as relief amplifies your comfort when you are standing and fully centered in your occupation. You move systematically with the pleasant impression of walking on a forest soil.

If standing work has become the fundamental tendency to preserve itself from the negative consequences of muscle passivity individual anti-fatigue mat Muvmat it's the masterpiece. This very innovative model helps to compensate for physical inactivity while providing real comfort to its user. This ergonomic floor mat for standing posts will improve and fluidize blood circulation. It integrates a wide variety of constant movements in the standing position by inviting the body to move with a slight oscillation while you work in optimal comfort. We quickly forget this unpleasant feeling of discomfort, the symptoms of heavy legs such as antsing, bone fatigue, muscle cramps and feet pains to work regularly. Muvmat is simply a great alternative that you must absolutely try!

The individual anti-fatigue mat Muvmat black cover is an excellent choice to reduce the fatigue caused by raising several hours in a row on hard soil. Stunningly designed for intensive use, this Muvmat active area testifies to a high level of resistance combined with great robustness. You can walk freely and serenely bare feet, with shoes or with socks. Its side tread with bevelled edge reduces the risk of trebuchements while its anti-slip background contributes not only to a very good hold but also to a maximum stability.

A discreet ergonomic equipment, Muvmat allows to disengage joints and muscles after long hours of work? Thanks to the micro pulses it emits on the sole of the feet to the head of its user, the muscles release instantly and you are systematically more relaxed. By walking on your small comfort zone, you stay 100% awake and the reaction time is twice as fast as on a flat terrain. Its super-practice format both compact and wide enough offers some freedom of movement to its user. We love its topographical 3D structure that mixes the unsuspected virtues of barefoot walk on forest floor.

Product weight: 2,68 kg

Product dimensions: 91 x 48 cm

Thickness: 3,56 cm

Tapis AERIS Noir

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