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The StandMat Textile mat is an elegant, modern and functional mat while ensuring healthy posture. It helps reduce back pain and foot and leg discomfort. The Textile StandMat can be used when wearing shoes, heels or barefoot.

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StandMat Textile - A large anti-fatigue mat for office in height

 With StandMat Textile anti-fatigue mat, gain in comfort by significantly reducing the embarrassing and painful sensations when working up.

With the standMat Textile anti-fatigue mat, standing position becomes more comfortable and less tedious. In addition to motivating the user to get up, it allows to make the muscles of the lower limbs work more and in the same logic, to promote stretching throughout the day. You will be able to stand comfortably, longer and without getting tired. Ideal to adopt a healthy and adapted posture, the anti-fatigue mat for standing desk StandMat Textile provides additional natural support to feet, legs, knees, hips and back when the user stands to work. A good complement to a sit-down ergonomic office, StandMat is a formidable equipment to protect operators from musculo-skeletal disorders, fatigue and chronic pain related to the prolonged standing station.

Allier ergonomics and standing work

Working upright can regularly be at the origin of some physical discomforts such as a feeling of heavy legs, heel pain and back pain, muscle cramps, varicose veins, muscle fatigue, joint stiffness of the neck or shoulders.. Test it standMat Textile anti-fatigue mat to enjoy all the benefits of not sitting in length of day. This device helps you to link up work more easily with natural support to posture. Terribly comfortable, functional and doubled with excellent plant support, it immediately provides a firm and floating feeling to keep the body completely comfortable while you work standing. Its ergonomic design allows to adopt optimal posture according to the specific sensibilities of each user. This model effectively reproduces all the contexts of use to optimize the advantages of a seated-stand desktop. Its format highlights a nomadic use, easy to set up and move once you feel the need to change position. An integrated aperture and hook facilitate the grip and suspension of your standing mat when not used. Thinking to offer lasting performance anti-fatigue mat for office in height StandMat correctly distributes the pressure on the feet. You only have to place it on the floor to discover ergonomic comfort that will not only relieve your legs but also significantly reduce discomfort at the lower limbs, back pains and pains felt at each end of the day.

Introduce more movement in the workplace

In addition to promoting muscle building standing mat StandMat stimulates blood circulation and encourages movement. It motivates mainly sedentary workers to leave the comfort of their seats to work standing by altering the workplaces as often as possible. StandMat Textile adapts easily to most of the postures adopted when standing. Compatible with any workstation in height, it is also a simple but effective alternative solution that can be used for all people who stand standing without interruption at their workstation (reception areas, service desks, packaging or assembly stations...). A formidable equipment, the individual active area StandMat Textile encourages a series of small movements when the user is standing. It encourages him to move unconsciously to limit fatigue, curbs and release muscle and joint tension. The operator is more comfortable at the workplace as it has an exceptionally comfortable mattressed surface on which to rely. Certainly, the sensations perceived by the feet are much more pleasant than on the ground.

A great practical, robust and secure ergonomic rug

The large anti-fatigue mat for standing desk StandMat Textile provides a stable and secure structure to the user. Its wide surface reconciles design and functionality to allow to use the carpet in various ways. The operator has enough space to perform micro-displacements when standing. It welcomes versatility and flexibility to give way to a complete freedom to place the feet as the user desires (displaced, one foot in front of the other, flat feet on the ground, standing on the tip of the feet, a tense leg and the other folded in the way of the pink flamingos...). Designed to prevent possible false steps and any other fall ergonomic standing mat StandMat can be used when you wear shoes, high heels but also bare feet. No risk of slipping or stumbling through its anti-slip structure that opts for slightly bevelled edges. Developed for intensive use, StandMat Textile is solid and particularly resistant. It amortizes movements and ensures unreserved stability to the user. Starting from the principle that everyone is sensitive to the texture of the surface on which it works, our anti-fatigue mat   StandMat Textile is articulated around a pleasant sensation under the feet. A dreadful insulating, it allows to optimize the thermal benefits of your individual active area especially in winter. It isolates from cold, vibration but also from shocks.


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2 years
2.3 kg
18 mm
780 mm

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