Adopt a better posture thanks to our desk pack sitting standing AERIS accessories simply because you deserve an ergonomic office facility for your health. Directly from the latest trend, this new generation of furniture reveals a whole new dimension of comfort. This series of products built in a clean design combines ergonomic architecture both functional and practical. It represents a great solution to set up an elegant, very current office, but especially beneficial to the health and development of workers.

Among the many advantages of this adjustable office height AERIS Single Desk, we will remember that it is not bulky and pleasant to use. It is a perfect equipment for restricted workplaces. Also easy to install, this office set sitting standing brings you a convenient alternative to enjoy a comfortable workspace. Its enhanced ergonomics makes you benefit from a new working habit by easily switching between the seating position and the standing station.

This model desk sitting standing AERIS suits all morphologies by offering everyone the possibility to alter postures in the workplace as many times as necessary. Take advantage of this innovative product to continue working dynamically. This is especially why you can achieve your goals. In addition, the combination of ergonomics and design offers a particularly elegant look to your office. Working has never been so motivating thanks to this full office sitting standing proposed by AERIS.

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