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Discover all the benefits of staying on the move with the Work & Move sit-stand desk, which is fully configurable according to each user's preferences.

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Move to work becomes possible with Office sitting standing WORK & MOVE. If sitting too long forced the body to work standing also has its lot of risks. This is ergonomic furniture therefore offers an alternative to work more efficiently by changing the positions smoothly and effortlessly. Thought for optimized use, its parameters are completely individualizable to best match the expectations of each user.

With its minimalist and timeless design, this elegant office will easily take place in your professional space. Articulated around its robust black piety and its sober white tray (160x80 or 120x70), it ensures maximum stability even at its highest height. Its sleek format offers a wide and comfortable working surface, very convenient to organize its workstation functionally.

The ultimate purpose of work & Move workstation is to encourage the movement of sedentary employees. This is it evolving tool is therefore thought to adapt simply to all users. It will guide you in the adoption of an optimal posture by promoting natural back adjustment and shoulder relax. This new method of work effectively acts against muscle fatigue, stiffness or localized tensions. Beneficial for musculoskeletal system and concentration, this desk sitting standing will play a lot on your health and productivity.

Set your ideal height in advance and let yourself be guided by its personalized integrated coach. This is it assistant Work and Move helps to change position at the right time and adopt a posture and a rhythm adapted to stay effective all day long. Precise and fast, it is only one click to change the station according to the requirements of the moment. Very simple driving, its setting features are most accurate to allow you a real ergonomics. This is fully electric and motorized model allows an effortless transition between different stations and encourages users to break the long chains of physical inactivity.

WORK & MOVE is the perfect compromise between muscle building and neuron stimulation. It will soon make you forget the evils of everyday life and offer you a new way to work more comfortable and effective.

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Bakker Elkhuizen chose Linak for the motorization of his standing office Work & Move.


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