Motorized sit-stand desk with white top and white leg 120x75cm, height 62-128cm

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Stand-alone motorized office 120x75cm

Height 62-128cm

White tray

White feet

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PRODUCT PRODUCT Motorized desk standing with white tray and white pied 120x75cm, height 62-128cm

Wellness and comfort management, the motorized office sitting standing with White Plateau and White Pied compile the interests of an ergonomic workspace. This workstation is an alternative solution of furniture to opt to optimize the quality of life at work.

Ideal for employees in business and home workers, this office favours well-being and promotes the alternation of postures. This stand up desk is an ultra convenient solution to prevent the delegitimate effects of sedentary. Its variable height functionality significantly reduces the seat time by preventing backaches and Musculo-skeletal disorders (TMS). This is office model sitting ergonomic has an electrically adjustable height on an amplitude of 62 cm to 128 cm. Thanks to its digital control system, the user can easily vary its work postures.

This is office complete and innovative has a white tray with well-designed dimensions to ensure a great comfort of use (120 x 75cm). It incorporates advanced ergonomic setting parameters which makes it both intelligent and practical. This furniture benefits from the programming system of the alternation of the positions ideally combined with the position memorization. Its use becomes easy and personalized at a time. The user will be able to configure and adapt his office according to his morphology and according to his needs in order to reduce all forms of discomfort and fatigue that can follow. Discrete, functional and very simple to use, this adjustable office height is articulated around a silent engine. The user can adopt a new position of work without attracting attention or disturbing his colleagues.

This is motorized office sitting standing with white tray and white pied is proposed by the mark KIMEX. It has a beautiful melamine wooden tray with plastic contour (120 cm long on 75 cm wide and 2.5 mm thick). Its steel structure is fraught with its robustness and durability. With a load capacity of up to 125 kg, this design office furniture can safely accommodate your office equipment. It is equipped with clever and practical cable management to orign the work plan and facilitate the maintenance of the equipment. The pie is flexible and perfectly stable even at its maximum height (128 cm in standing position). This high-quality seating office enjoys a 3-year warranty and comes with a set of 4 optional multifunction wheels (ref. 162-0001K4). The structure is also proposed separately (ref. 150-2301).

Reference 150-2312K2

Code EAN 3700685416079

Family Full Office

Height / floor Height min 62cm / max 128cm

Dimensions of the product Plateau 120 x 75 x 2,5 cm / Adjustable foot dimensions: 100 x 70 x 62 cm (min), 170 x 70 x 128 cm (max)

Input power supply: AC230V 50/60Hz Max 3,15A Output: DC24V 200VA Duty cycle: 2 min ON 18 min OFF

Cable passage Yes

Manufacturing material Melamined wood tray with plastic contour, Steel structure

Warranty 3 years


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3/5 days

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