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From offices to concert halls, the Aeris Numo with glides offers great physical mobility and at the same time a firm posture.

The elegant seat shell adapts to the forward and backward movements of the body.

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Combining aesthetics and ergonomics, AERIS Numo seduced by its balanced design. Functional and creative, this universal chair presents a whole new experience of sitting with its users. Adopt it at home or at work and enjoy its comfort and timeless charm.

Cosy and versatile, this furniture design easily find its place in different environments. From your home to your office, to a reception room and even an outdoor room, it will harm the rest of the decoration effortlessly. Its elegant and warm appearance will offer a modern spirit in convivial to your premises.

L’ergo-dynamisme of the model Numo stands out by its patented mechanisms, greatly inspired by nature and human anatomy. Fine and pleasant, its shell adapts intuitively to body movements. Designed to support and accompany the curve of the spinal column, it effectively relieves the back. Front/rear switches are prompted by its crossed arm and increase comfort and dynamism for its users. Its ingeniously designed mobile structure to rotate 360° allows full freedom of movement and great flexibility of positioning. Active assize, it seeks more muscles and organs and thus improves concentration and productivity. In order to promote good postural practices, its file has a slightly convex form. Recomfortable and enveloping, it allows easy to keep the back straight without any support constraints.
Thanks to its many features, this innovative working chair soothes the pains associated with an extended seating station for immediate relief.

This is model with base glider stands out for its skating star frame combining stability and bold aesthetics. Made of high quality propylene/polyamide, chair AERIS Numo resistant to UV, weather and is perfectly recyclable. Reinforced by durable anti-slip coating, it redoubles comfort and precision.

Embrace the freshness and enthusiasm of bright colours or the purity and elegance of black and white classics thanks to these five choices of variants.

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