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The headquarters IQSEAT of Gotessons is a unique and versatile design knowingly worked to be flexible and playful. Designed by designers' duo Henrik Kjellberg and Jon Lindström from o4i Design Studio, this innovative product adopts detailed specificities to advance the needs of the person. It is a complete seat whose simplicity encourages a comfortable and pleasant use. Ideal for equipping open space, relaxation rooms or reception halls, this model easily adapts to the preferences of everyone.

Because of its great modularity, the headquarters ergonomic IQSEAT of Gotessons is able to offer a custom configuration. It is modulated into a handflower and can be transformed into a playful pouf with a perfect writing tablet for coworking spaces. Mounted on lockable wheels, this seating solution is both uncommon and convenient for small trips to the workplace. It creates an atmosphere conducive to creative exchanges and collaborative work. Because of its lightness, the pouf with tablet Gotessons IQSEA allows to create an arrangement according to the reality of everyday life. The owner can move it without special effort and according to his specific needs.

The fully functional folder extra seat IQSEA Gotessons is easily adaptable to user habits. It can be brought back to the front of the seat and serve as a tablet to take notes, welcome the computer and even drop its cup of coffee. This product is offered in a wide range of soft and timeless colors.

Max weight. 144 kg

Seat height 500 mm

Length 500mm

Height 850mm

Depth 700mm


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4/6 weeks

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