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Move more even in the office with Aeris 3Dee. Totally functional, this ergonomic office chair offers dynamic seating throughout the day.

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Perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, the headquarters AERIS 3Dee is the effective solution to bring energy and serenity to the office. Work effectively and take care of your body simultaneously with its patented 3D technology. A real revolution for prolonged sitting postures, it is a comfortable and dynamic tool for all people working long hours behind screens.
The slightly convex shape of the model AERIS 3Dee promotes a suitable posture. Streshing spontaneously, it allows a seat with a slight inclination that stimulates blood circulation and reduces back problems. Its padded backrest benefits from integrated lumbar support. Offering maintenance and comfort, they perfectly marry your curves for a reduction of tension and muscle fatigue.
The innovative 3D technology concept of this model allows vertical and horizontal displacement. This is three-dimensional seat allows to move freely in all directions. Much more sought-after than with a traditional seating, the body benefits from cardiovascular stimulation and muscle strengthening. This is innovative mechanism effectively combats contractures of back muscles and muscle fatigue by improving concentration and productivity. The dynamic armchair 3Dee thus proposes the same beneficial effects on health as a small walk. It acts as a true antistress for the heart, lungs, brain and muscles. By fighting the harmful effects associated with a too static position, it will make you feel more calm and relaxed with a renewed vitality and motivation.
To fully customize your ergonomic chair, twist grace to the eleven choices of colours and finishes proposed. In microfiber, wool blend or leather, each variant is distinguished by its elegance and strength. Very trendy, its sober and modern design will easily find its place within your professional environment.
Mounted on a 5-point piet with wheels, AERIS 3Dee allows for a high level of mobility for small trips to the office. Thanks to its standard size, a majority of users will need up to 1m85. For users measuring more than 1m85, a Hight device is available when customizing your seat.


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