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Stay dynamic at any time of the day with the Office Ballz ergonomic balloon seat. Very popular model, original solution to sit in the office as well as at home.

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If the swissball was at the base used in the physiotherapists’ office or in the fitness rooms, it turns out that it has already made its first steps in the world of work. Today we are talking about “flex seating”. Precisely, a last-generation furniture that gives way to an alternative way of working to optimize the posture of its user. From now on, fitball is similar to an excellent solution to work its posture and sit differently. Discover here an overview of this new trend through our ergonomic balloon seat Office Ballz. With this state-of-the-art innovation model, you cleverly combine sport, health and productivity. In other words, you can satisfy your desire to practice regular physical exercises to be at the top of your form without delaying your professional goals. You're doing sports while working. Yes, it is now possible!

A great alternative to be active while sitting

We could think that trotting traditional office chairs against ergonomic balloon seats only concerns confirmed athletes. It’s nothing! Designers compete with creative genius to propose different models of these flexible furniture that address everyone like the balloon seat office ball, a seating respectful of your body to absolutely test. Designed to become a true well-being ally, this high-end product offers an ergo-dynamic solution that systematically improves the posture of its user. In this sense, the postural muscles are reinforced. Theoretically sitting on a ball in the office is resculping the abdominals while sitting. Practically, it is health care and burn hundreds of calories without even realizing it. The seating position becomes automatically sporting, you find more flexibility in your movements and you keep a beautiful spinal column. It is your body that will be happy! Functional at the office and home, the office Ballz ball chair is therefore a very good alternative for those who want to reconcile health and work. In addition to promoting weight loss, it contributes to a better concentration and helps keep the mind awake. Creativity and efficiency will clearly benefit many!

Blow for your back and muscle pain

Adopt it ball office ball ball ball, it is working in good mood throughout the day by adding fun and originality to its environment. It is a very original seat, but especially dauntingly effective to maintain the back, strengthen the postural muscles and favour a better alignment of the spine. At first glance, similar to a true sporting phenomenon that attracts more than a thousand workers, the gymball introduced to the office allows to muscle without having air at the office or at home. Discover our ergonomic balloon Office Ballz, an ideal partner for preventing musculoskeletal disorders and mitigating joint pain. A revolutionary ergonomic seat, which potentially relieves timeless backaches and muscle fatigue often felt at the end of the week. Like the followers of the pilate method, those who have already tested it claim that using ball chairs at work has significant benefits for both the body and the mind. Indeed, office ball 65 cm allows to develop the musculature and indirectly to stimulate productivity. You move without necessarily having to leave the comfort of your seat, the whole body remains active and it is simply great for blood circulation. Keeping the shape, toning the muscles even while sitting it is no longer possible with the office furniture flexible office ballz!

A dynamic and comfortable seating position

Staying sitting too long in the same position is counterproductive and can seriously harm health. This is mainly the reason why we want to make your body discover all the benefits of Office Ballz. Our ever more innovative model invites its user to sit differently with a subtle appetizer effect that is particularly pleasant and beneficial to health. It will also be noted that it improves and corrects the posture by proposing a dynamic sedentary base solution. To believe that there is nothing better than a good one ultra ergonomic seat ballz to keep the body in permanent motion during working hours. When you sit on it, the whole body will be instinctively requested, the pressures on the lumbar discs are clearly reduced as you are automatically led to vary your work posture. The seat ball design office ball promotes perfectly targeted efforts by allowing change of position without restraint and more often so as to remain in perfect balance. It ended with the backache and the particularly unpleasant feeling of having a buttache after long hours in sitting position! Office Ballz acts as an air cushion with an optimal level of comfort to improve the quality of life at work. In addition it is colored and is available in a palette of vivid, tonic and very trendy colors right now!

The Office Ballz ergonomic ball is a seating solution that helps improve the quality of life at work by providing an efficient and fun seat for the office. The use of an ergonomic ball also strengthens the muscles of the back and legs while maintaining them active when you work.

Ideal solution against sedentary it is available in 2 sizes, 55 or 65 cm in diameter.

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