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Kneeling chair to strengthen the back

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The headquarters assis-genoux Multi Balans de Varier is designed for people who work long hours in seated position. Its ergonomic design has been specially designed to improve the comfort at the lumbar level. It effectively reduces the weight of the person usually supported by the basin to ease pressures on intervertebral discs. Practically, the entire body weight is better divided between feet, knees, spanking and hip. By offering several choices of positioning, ergonomic seat seated-genoux Varier Multi Balans promotes the mobility of muscles and joints and encourages changes in posture. Its ingeniously worked design with an adjustable rest angle from very open to closed combines well-being with comfort.

Beneficial for the back, the stool seated-genoux Varier Multi Balans requires the body to adopt a healthy and adapted posture mainly with open legs, the knees correctly in the alignment of the shoulders. Indeed, the sitting position with an open angle not only reduces the tension on the back but also facilitates breathing and improves blood circulation. The feet rest flat on the ground, the back remains straight and the spinal column perfectly aligned with the rest of the body as in the standing station or during walking.

Practical and functional, the seated seat-genoux adjustable angle Multi Balans adapts to work plans of any configuration. It combines with a high and low table, a children's or adults' office. Mounted with a wooden piety, this particularly robust model can support up to 100 kg. For a precise fit, its forward inclined seat is adjustable according to the user’s convenience.

Dimensions - 47 cm x 60 cm x 42-63 cm

Areas of use and user:

  • For children and adults,
  • Table or office,
  • Good working positions for many activities - can be used on high and low table,
  • Office for Children
  • Knee can be used as seat and seat cushion as a table for children
  • For people with an operation following a back hernia (often in hospitals)

Data sheet

2 years
Delivery delay
4/6 weeks
Max User Weight
for people not exceeding 110 kg
47cm x 60cm x 42-63cm

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