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Advantages and technical features GGI Labo Labo Labo Selle manette stool 9215

Discover an incomparable seating comfort with the stool GGI Labo Selle 9215. Reliablely effective against back pain associated with the extended seating station, it offers a real relief to its user. Thanks to its similar shape to that of a horse saddle, this seat ensures a stable and aligned posture between the back and the shoulders. The basin is precisely positioned and the spinal column retains its natural curves. Adjustable in height and easy to drive, the active stool GGI Labo Selle is both practical and ergonomic equipment. The position is optimized according to your template thanks to a handle under the seat that controls the cylinder. An effortless adjustment by a simple pressure to raise or lower the stool instantly.

Robust with its chrome piety stool controller GGI Labo Selle 9215 is ideally mounted on skates but can be installed with multifunction wheels allowing the user to move more easily to the desktop. In addition to offering great freedom of movement, it significantly reduces fatigue and feelings of discomfort. Practically, you keep your feet flat with the legs slightly spread. This posture will relieve the pressure on the spinal column and ensure a partial transfer of body weight to the feet.

L’sitting in the form of saddle GGI Labo Selle 9215 is available in a wide choice of colors to allow everyone to configure their stool. Discover the colors and coatings GINGKO Range to create your best version.

Seat height: 63-79
Weight: 5.8 kg

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