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The stool sitting up Varier Move Small adapts to many different contexts.

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Optimize the ergonomics of your workplace with stool Varier Move Small revive both practical, comfortable and aesthetic. Created to bring maximum comfort in the seating position, this product is a real ergonomic solution for all people who do office work. It supports posture and maintains the spinal column perfectly in balance. Very effective against back problems and to prevent shoulder tension, this stool provides the user with the ability to work dynamically with the feet firmly placed on the ground. Thanks to its mechanism of oscillation ingeniously worked to give way to a standing posture, it is able to release the movement and easily adapt to the activities of its user.

The ssaddle Move Small de Varier is presented in an ingenious design drastically reflected to allow the body to adopt a natural vertical position. It ensures a seating between the basin, back, shoulders and neck while activating blood circulation. The risks of developing musculo-skeletal disorders are reduced, the basin is precisely positioned and the weight of the user is correctly distributed. The person who sits on it is naturally straight and its body load is better balanced which is ideal for relieving intervertebral discs.

Move Small is a height-adjustable stool that adapts to many contexts of use. Mounted on a solid adjustable base, it has a seat in the shape of a horse saddle offered in different colors so that everyone can design the best version of its seat. It is possible to choose between a smaller seat, a higher cylinder or even a children's version.


Data sheet

Delivery delay
4/6 weeks
Type (sit)
Sitting up
Seat Ø: 36 cm, base Ø: 40 cm

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