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Benefits and technical features Headquarters medical feet control GGI Labo 9251

Practical and functional, the siège GGI Labo 9251 is designed ergonomicly to fit both in office environments and in a medical or paramedical office. A real prerequisite in areas where mobility and comfort are needed. It offers the possibility to move smoothly thanks to its chrome pietment 5 spindles.

Simple and pleasant to use, the medical stool GGI Labo 9251 integrates a manual control under the seat and by foot control. It allows an adjustment of the height of the seat directly with the feet. The user will only have to press the circular underneath the stool to get the best position to work.

Equipped with a height-adjustable back per wheel, the chair order medical feet GGI Labo 9251 is able to provide optimal support to the lumbars and the pool of its user. The body remains in total support against the seat in a suitable and comfortable posture.

Mounted on skates or wheels, the siège ergonomic GGI Labo 9251 is available in a wide range of colours and coatings from the Gingko range.

Seat height : 51-70

Weight: 10 kg


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