Nylon fabric sit-stand stool

VAT included
  • Assize fabric
  • Seating height adjustment
  • Seating angle adjustment
  • Gas cylinder 270 mm
  • Plastic footing
  • Patins
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Invest in this sitting stool nylon fabric both aesthetic and ingenious to complete the ergonomics of your workspace. This very interesting model takes shape in a simple but clever design. Under its minimalist air, it makes itself useful to promote a great comfort of'sitting and much more flexibility. By adopting it, the user naturally adopts a straight and aligned posture.

If working in a static posture standing or sitting for a long period of time is unfavourable for the back, this bad habit also increases the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (TMS). Thanks to this stool comfortable height adjustable, you enjoy the best of both worlds simply by altering from time to time between seating station and standing work.

Due to its fluid and comfortable configuration system articulated around a 270 mm pneumatic cylinder, this ergonomic stool effectively represents a size ally to optimize quality of life in professional spaces. It’s a seat model functional and easily configurable that allows a dynamic and customized seat according to the morphology of the person who uses it. The latter can then raise or lower its seat to work in a suitable position.

Comfortable and fully modular, this stool ergonomic sitting combines ideally with a high office to allow a regular change of position. The user enjoys greater mobility and can work in a semi-stand and seated posture whenever the need to feel. In the same momentum, it will avoid muscular fatigue, numbness and pain experienced in the lumbar and dorsal region after a long working day.

Strong and design of its 5-skip plastic piet, this sitting stool ensures high stability to its user. Easy to maintain and pleasant to the touch, this ergonomic furniture stands out by its cozy and welcoming seat dressed in a beautiful nylon fabric.



Data sheet

2 years
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1/2 weeks

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