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Base color: Black varnish

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With the stool Varier Move revive, join comfort in ergonomics to develop your workspace. Designed to complement your well-being, this furniture is the preferred model to prevent musculo-skeletal disorders (TMS) that affect the back and back region. It allows to work in satisfactory conditions with the well positioned basin and feet firmly placed on the ground.

At first sight stool stool is asserted through a singular and minimalist concept, but ingenious. It excludes all forms of visual overload to give way to the essentials. His seat ergonomic with ssitting in the shape of a horse saddle favours a posture stable and of the movements simples. It maintains the spinal column in a perfectly aligned natural position. The solid and platinum design gives excellent stability to the entire structure of the seat.

Adapted to professional or residential use, Varier Move revive is suitable for all people who perform an activity half seated or half standing. Very convenient for a long-lasting seating position, it allows to adopt naturally neutral and comfortable postures while strengthening the postural muscles. The user feels much more relaxed and the timeless back pains are greatly relieved.

The stool type stool Varier Move revive offers a pleasant and personalized use. Beneficial for the back, it adapts without problems to the size and working habits of the user. The seat is adjustable according to the desired position on a height of 49 to 68 cm (or 56 to 82 cm for the average cylinder). Large templates can choose one stool Varier Move revive to high cylinder so that the seat can easily be raised to an optimal height of up to 87 cm from the workplan.


Data sheet

Delivery delay
4/6 weeks
Type (sit)
Sitting up
Seat Ø: 43cm, base Ø: 40cm

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