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BENEFITS Seat sitting Aeris Muvman 

Team your office with 1ère worldwide in terms of design and functionality by opting for seating seat Aeris Muvman. It is fully adjustable in height and offers all the essential features to work in the best conditions. On this creation of Henner Jahns, we will remember: a very design seating that is based on a slender and graphical trapping, a fixed base equipped with anti-slip rubber to ensure the robustness and stability of the seat as a whole and a flexible central column that allows its user to perform a series of natural movements by moving in all directions, leaning very far or tilting. A real feeling of safety and comfort in any position! Aeris Muvman integrates an ergonomic footrest made of glass fiber reinforced plastic that will optimize user comfort by stimulating the movement of the body.

100% operational office chair Aeris Muvman will revolutionize traditional seats with innovative technology that encourages a series of constant micro-movements throughout the day. Its ingenious features not only help prevent chronic backaches associated with prolonged seating but also improve blood circulation to the tip of toes.

The seating seat Aeris Muvman is mounted with a plastic seat holder with PU foam. It reproduces a Microfibre fabric cover (Comfort, Gabriel) made of 88% polyester and 12% polyurethane. This coating is the assurance of high abrasion resistance 150,000 cycles at the Martindale test.

Standard product weight: 6.5 kg

Diameter 38 cm

Maximum user weight 120 kg

Assisi 34 x 32 cm

Seat height: standard 51 - 84 cm / height 60 - 93 cm


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