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The Ekstrem™ armchair consists of a steel frame covered in soft foam and wool knit padding.

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Benefits and features Design armchair VARIER EkstremTM

Drawing by Terje EKSTRÖM, the armchair VARIER Ekstrem is the perfect combination between aesthetics and comfort. It takes shape in a game of very pure lines both dynamic and singular that gives it an unusual post-modern cachet and resolutely design. Its unexpected geometry offers extreme freedom of movement combined with an infinite variety of postures to sit. It is a multi-position ergonomic seat that allows to be seated forward with feet on the ground, on the side, with legs placed on the armrests to relax or completely back with the torso against the back of the chair. This iconic armchair knows no limits in terms of imagination and seating postures! Thanks to its unconventional open structure, it invites the user to change position as many times as possible to find the most comfortable.
Dare originality with the siège ergonomic VARIER Ekstrem ! It is a sculptural armchair mounted on a steel frame covered with a soft foam. Completely padded in wool knit, it identifies in a Knit coating available in six colors to choose from. The softness of its curves is wrapped in a knitted fabric is pleasant to the touch and breathable. Developed to offer maximum comfort, the armchair relaxation design Ekstrem proposed by Varier will find its place in the waiting room of your office, in the lobby or as a masterpiece of relaxation space in a company.

Measurements: 72 cm x 70 cm x 79 cm, Seat height 43 cm


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