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The cooperative Alki was created in 1981 at the initiative of five friends motivated by job creation at the local level. Located in Itsasu, a small village in the Netherlands in a rural and unindustrialized environment, it was from the start directed towards the manufacture of traditional furniture, both ergonomic and beautiful.

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Alki is a furniture workshop born in 1981 in Itsasu, a small village in the Netherlands, in a rural environment, not industrialized.

It is therefore to try to remedy this that the company was created on the initiative of five friends joining their ideas, strengths and illusions. Cooperative status was the most appropriate to the values of'Alki, even those who accompany us on a daily basis. Empreintegration of his ancestral and technological knowledge, Alki today offers a contemporary reading of conviviality and distributes its products around the world by participating in the development of many spaces.

Home Alki, values are not just statements of intent but many everyday realities. They guide since the creation of the cooperative and are for fundamental elements of the brand's identity. The values engraved in the wood are the base of the company, which allows to keep the course, even by great wind...

Alki uses the memory of the past, a constituent of their identity, as a ferment of creativity and innovation. Thus the future finds meaning in the continuity of this story. The company is moving on this path by lending its know-how to a production marked with an affective value.

Women and men who chose to work at home Alki consider with ambition the cooperative economic model. Alki builds thus, giving meaning to the collective, a firm economically and humanly solid. Also participates in this success, a choice inspired by quality proximity providers.

Alki particularly affections oak wood, noble material par excellence, is much more than a raw material. It symbolizes the firm will to register the company in a rational and sustainable development approach.

We feel within the company Alki, astonishment, a wealth of techniques and know-how that fade the boundaries between crafts and industry. For more than 30 years, there have been different trades and diverse experiences in a proudly worn goal by all.

Alki considers the exercise of design with simplicity. Not as a disguise but as a continuous search for purification. The relationship that we maintain with the object, the resonance it releases, the pleasure it gives to the use... here is what interests the company Alki.

Alki was born of this militant desire to live and work in the country. Beyond a furniture company, it is a real economic and cultural project. The aim of the cooperative is to contribute to the development of the Basque Country through the creation of jobs and wealth.

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ALKI Kuskoa Bi chair with oak base

Availability: 5 In Stock

Comfortable and generous, Kuskoa Bi is the first chair on the market to be made from bioplastic

Its particularly enveloping shell, cut to ensure optimal support for the back and arms, delicately rests on a solid wood easel.

ALKI Kuskoa chair in fabric

Availability: 5 In Stock

The Kuskoa collection echoes the first plastic shells designed by Robin Day.

Here the wooden chair brings warmth, comfort and strength.

The hull, rugged at the front, comes to rest very delicately on a solid oak kettle.