Coccyx seat cushion SISSEL® SPECIAL SIT 2 in 1

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Ideal seat cushion after injuries or operations as it prevents the pelvis from slipping.

Colors : Blue
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Benefits and features Coccyx SISSEL® SPECIAL SIT 2 in 1 seat cushion

The seat cushion Coccyx SPECIAL SIT 2 in 1 from SISSEL ally design and comfort to effectively relieve the bottom of the back and the spanking area. A versatile accessory, it accompanies you everywhere for easy use at home, office, and even by car. This 2 in 1 multifunction model is intended for both preventive and curative uses.

The sISSEL cleverly completes the comfort of your seat thanks to its anatomical shape avoiding the powerful tensions on the sacrum and the coccyx. This innovative cut intuitively straightens the back in a healthy position for a visible mitigation of lumbar pain. The basin thus aligns itself with the column and prevents the torsions of intervertebral discs induced by poor posture. Highly comfortable, this addition to form memory ensures better seat quality thanks to its removable hold and its velvet coating terribly soft.

Highly recommended as a rehabilitation accessory, this medical indication cushion is ideal for treatment as a result of an injury or operation. It is also very suitable for users suffering from muscular conditions or pregnant women exercising at the pregnancy gymnastics. High quality polyurethane foam sPECIAL cushion SIT is combined with a special high density viscoelastic foam for optimal distribution of pressures. This clever alloy engages unmatched comfort that reduces compression points for immediate ease.

The generous dimensions of this cushion 40 x 43 x 9 cm guarantee to all morphologies a suitable use and optimal support. With a load of up to 130 kg, it is ideal for a majority of users. Its anti-slip surface cover prevents friction and slips to allow you to stay in a prolonged sitting position without evacuating or feeling any uncomfortable. Available in several colors, it is easily dehoussable for an ultra simple machine maintenance.


Colour Beige or blue
Density 65 kg/m3
Warranty 5 years
CE Medical Standard Class I
Origin Made in Sweden


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