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Aeris Swopper Classic the dynamic seat, ergonomic stool ideal for the office or school and early childhood

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How you sit down, that's what you feel.

Since its launch on the market in 1997, the swopper is all in one when it comes to health sitting in motion. The swopper revolutionized the office chair market thanks to its innovative 3D technology allowing movement and change of posture in all directions. Thanks to its unique three-dimensional movement, the active seat adapts to you and not the reverse! This three-dimensional active seat with many changing positions keeps you moving all the time and strengthens your back.

You keep the shape and feel good.

His genius lies in his radicality.   

At first glance, you can make the difference between the swopper and the conventional office seats. Its radical design removes all classic comfort features such as armrests and headrests that hinder movement and make you sick in the long term. Thanks to its patented 3D technology, the swopper is the world's first 3D active seat, supports and encourages the movement in a seating position with a frequent change of position. The benefits are evident over the backaches and tension, back to greater physical health, feel good and improved performance.

The new size of 3D ergonomic seat

The conventional seats even those who say "ergonomic" cannot do much against the daily lack of movement in the office. On the contrary, they can even contribute to muscle atrophy and poor seated postures. Aeris calls this "seated chair" because there are only a few years of work between the intensive use of conventional office furniture and the first signs of illness. Aeris completely reinvented the assisi position on the workplace. With their unique concept of 3D ergonomics, aeris products support and encourage the intuitive movements of the human being and lead the body to adopt natural models of movement.

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aeris swopper detailAeris swopper detailaeris swopper detail

Six benefits.
Just good.

Stimulation of blood circulation and mood.
Swopper allows you to straighten the upper part of your body, which releases the diaphragm and stimulates circulation. It is not only healthy, but is also a lot of fun.

Good for intervertebral discs.
The 3D swopper movement eliminates unilateral pressure on intervertebral discs. Swopper improves intervertebral discs and maintains them in shape and elastic.

Active prevention of venous problems.
The seat of the swopper is convex in shape. This avoids pressure points and congestion. Sitting in motion stimulates the active transport of blood to the heart.

Always sitting right.
The swopper promotes a constant shift in posture. You sit automatically more often. And because the swopper follows your movements, your back remains straight, even when you lean to your office.

Training for muscles.
Swopper keeps your whole body moving. This strengthens abdominal muscles, back and legs and prevents many forms of back pain.

Keep ligaments and joints in shape.
The dynamic seat also maintains the joints in constant motion. This tightens ligaments and tendons and prevents joint diseases.

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Data sheet

Max weight
MEDIUM: 60kg – 120kg seat height 45cm – 59cm
MEDIUM: 60kg – 120kg seat height 45cm – 59cm
SMALL: 40kg – 70kg seat height 42cm – 56cm
SMALL: 40kg – 70kg seat height 42cm – 56cm
Delivery delay
3/4 weeks
Type (sit)
Sitting up
Spring only on MEDIUM version
Spring only on MEDIUM version

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