PVC nylon narrow saddle stool

VAT included
  • Similicuir narrow seat (PVC)
  • Seating height adjustment
  • Seating angle adjustment
  • Gas cylinder 270 mm
  • Plastic footing
  • 55 mm double roller wheels
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Benefits and technical characteristicss Stool stool narrow PVC nylon

Adopt it narrow nylon stool to rediscover to your body the benefits of working on a seat in the shape of a saddle. This seating at the tip of ergonomics reduces the pressure exerted at the vertebral column. It correctly distributes the weight of the user by transferring a part to the feet to relieve the back and intervertebral discs. The basin is maintained in a natural position and consistently aligns with the rest of the body.

It’s a adjustable stool stool according to the size and specific needs of its user. Its ergonomic seat in similicuir (PVC) is mounted on a 270 mm gas cylinder added to favour a progressive and comfortable seat adjustment. It is adjustable in height and angle which encourages a fully customized use. Unlike classic chairs, this stool encourages regular posture changes. It relies on a plastic piety equipped with 5 multifunction dual rollers 55 mm thoughts to free movement at the workplace. It is a furniture that fits perfectly with the user’s movements to ensure more comfort and stability.



Data sheet

2 years
Delivery delay
1/2 weeks

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