STABIDO memory foam kneeling seat

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The kneeling chair is an ergonomic seat that helps correct your sitting posture and straighten your back

This seat promotes spinal alignment with your back and shoulders.

Colors : Black
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Test a whole new way to sit in the office with the sriding sitting knees STABIDO shape memory foam. This is a great design prescribed to complete ergonomics in the workplace. His specific cinematic has been studied to straighten up the body and relieve the back of his user. Articulated around a better body weight distribution between the spanking, knees and feet, this natural balance improves muscle strength. It is a seat inclined forward so as to obtain a positioning suitable to the spinal column.

Adjustable in height on 49 cm to 70 cm, the tergonomic stool on knees STABIDO is suitable for all morphologies. It is designed to optimise the work posture by allowing the user to adopt a position that promotes comfortable back support. It is a cozy seat carved with noble natural materials and generously padded with shape memory foam. The seat was finely worked to easily resume its initial form after each use. This model identifies in the heat of wood paired with a layer of 5 cm of foam and a coating made of soft and silky 100% acrylic fabric.

The siège original sitting knees STABIDO is a solid wood structure with perfectly sleek lines presented on 4 removable wheels. With its carved wood frame, it combines an ergonomic seat and a plywood support with a maximum load of up to 90 kg. This model exists in black and beige.

Density: 40 kg per cubic metre

References 5453MF, 5452MF

Dimensions 48 x 59 x 70 cm

Comfort Shape memory

Standard form

Assisi Form memory foam


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