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The dynamic Aeris Swopper seat with backrest is an ergonomic stool ideal for the office or educational establishment and early childhood

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Innovative office space, Aeris Swopper is designed to encourage movement at work. By demanding a dynamic seat, it effectively combats health and concentration problems related to a too static posture.
Much more than just aesthetic, the sober and clean design of this original travai stooll turns out to be the most ergonomic and functional. Fully reinventing your way of working, it removes the classic features of comfort for the benefit of great freedom of movement. Sa 3D technology allows a bounce from top to bottom, a bow inclination and lateral flexibility. The body is thus maintained active thanks to a frequent change of position. Allowing unlimited mobility, it generates many benefits on the muscles and organs, much more sought after than with a classic seat. By improving breathing and stimulating blood circulation, this dynamic chair pulse concentration and productivity in the office. Innovative, it gradually strengthens the muscles and gradually eliminates pain and tension. Following its momentum, adopt a healthy posture, ideal for long days in a seated position.
The model Aeris Swopper has a multi-movement backrest, height-adjustable that offers relaxing support without restricting your activities. Its upholstered convex-shaped seat ensures the adoption of a pleasant and balanced posture. This excellent health specificity avoids the creation of pressure points to facilitate the transport of blood to the heart. Very handy, its spicy roulette favours small trips to the office and completes its exceptional dynamism.
This is customizable furniture fits perfectly with your morphology to suit a maximum of 35kg to 120kg users. Available in many colors, twist its appearance according to your desires.

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aeris swopper detailAeris swopper detailaeris swopper detail

Aeris option swopper

103 - HB

Data sheet

Max weight
LOW: 50kg – 120kg seat height 42cm – 56cm
Light: 45kg - 50kg seat height 42cm - 56cm
Standard: 50kg - 120kg seat height 45cm - 59cm
Delivery delay
3/4 weeks
Type (sit)
Sitting up
Spring only on MEDIUM version

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