aeris Numo cushion

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100% recycled polyester cushion

Aeris Numo cushion color : BLACK
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Complete your daily comfort with Coussin Aeris Numo. Specially designed to embellish chairs collection Numo, this ergonomic accessory pursues the same objectives of dynamism and relief.

With this positioning cushion, Aeris proposes an addition to adapt fully to the innovative features of numo chairs. Discreet and effective, this lumbar support perfects their great features and secures the well-being and health of its users.

Inspiring by nature and the human body, this lumbar lime promotes the intuitive adoption of healthy and active positions. Thanks to its slightly convex shape, it conforms to the curvature of the spine and thus prevents the appearance of tension and back pain. Cozy and mellow, the cushion Numo ensures relaxed, light support. It effectively combats the rigidity and passivity of the seating position by authorizing the spontaneous movement. Polyvalent, it can be used as preventive accessory or as medical tool immediate appeasement. This 100% recycled polyester model is designed to fit perfectly with all morphologies and thus supports a wide variety of users. Breathing and anti-transpiracy, the support Numo is very resistant to friction for intensive use without any feeling of discomfort.
Available in five colored and acidulated shades, this cushion Aeris brings freshness and originality to the decoration. In perfect harmony with seats Numo, it offers a avant-garde atmosphere, very elegant. Its anti-slip coating ensures a certain hold on the chair and maintains, in fact, the good postures generated.

Ultra solid, this cushion is proudly resistant to time. For more safety, it is ignified and therefore fears neither light nor abrasion.

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