Double arm for 17´´- 32´´ monitors for Slatwall mounting rail

VAT included

Double white aluminum arm for monitors 17"-32" for fixing rail type Slatwall, Inclinable +/-30°, Orientable +/-90° and rotary +/- 180°, Adjustable distance 34cm max, Switch of the connector, White colours.

Installation: Rail slatwall

VESA: 75x75, 100x100

Distance: 34 cm max

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BENEFITS AND FEATURES Double arms for monitors 17 ́- 32 ́ for fixing rail Slatwall

Thinking to optimize visual comfort and user posture, the Double arms for Slatwall monitors offers an unparalleled work experience. This clever accessory complements the ergonomics of your office by liberating room and effectively soothing the pains associated with a poorly arranged space.

Installing properly in front of a monitor and protecting your eyes are important issues in everyday life and in the professional environment. The double screen articulated arm is a flexible addition facilitating the adoption of a work position respectful of the body and the view. This is tiltable, tidy and rotary to enable the healthy alternation of working attitudes by adapting quickly to all your needs. This is it ergonomic equipment position the monitors at the right height and distance and determine, in fact, an ideal angle of vision. A cleverly designed solution, it relieves visual discomfort, eye fatigue and tension in the neck and shoulders. This is adjustable computer support places your look on the advice of work medicine for personalized use, facilitating the reading and proper conduct of activities.

Fully placed above the workstation, the double arm Slatwall ensures a better organization by authorizing an important gain of space. The computers no longer encircling the table, you get a larger space available for a methodical and organized layout. This multi-PC base thus reduces disorder and combats its adverse effects. It develops user well-being by reducing stress and encouraging concentration and productivity. Very convenient, this smart device provides a cable pass system for a minimum congestion.

This is wallet is imagined to integrate in a few minutes at fixing rail Slatwall. Very easy to put in place, it is sold with its complete screwdriver and does not require any specific tool to be mounted. Robust, it is made of steel and aluminum guaranteeing a very high strength for a maximum weight of 8kg by arm. This is support for computers accommodates two screens that can vary in size between 17’’ and 32’’. Its white structure, both resistant and design, is compatible with a wide variety of decorations and remains discreet in the professional environment.


Find 17 ́ ́ ́ ́′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′
VESA (mm) 75x75 What 100x100
Find Articulated Rotary
Installation Bureau / Table
Inclination (high/low) Adjustable +/-30
Orientable (left/right) Adjustable +/-90°
Pivot (pay/portrait) Adjustable +/-180°
Distance / wall Adjustable 340 mm max
Product dimensions 842 x 125 x 152 mm
Product weight 2,7 Kg
Warranty 3 years


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Delivery delay
3/5 days

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