PC monitor arm 13´´-27´´ for Slatwall mounting rail

VAT included

Adjustable monitor 13"-27" for fixing bar type Slatwall 150-3301, VESA compatibility 75x75min-100x100max, Maximum weight allowed 6,5kg, Extension 29 cm, Adjustable function, swivelable and swivel, Color black.

Installation: Rail slatwall

Vesa: 75x75, 100x100

Distance: 29 cm max

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Advantages Bras monitor PC 13 ́ ́-27 ́ ́ ́ for fixing rail Slatwall

Install and tilt your computer according to your needs with PC monitor for fixing rail Slatwall. Designed to facilitate better postures, this ergonomic accessory offers a new, healthy and productive work experience.

Protecting your body and mind is an important current issue of the professional framework. Indeed these can easily be impacted by our sedentary activities, causing many troubles and pains. Adjustable desktop add, the arm articulated Slatwall customizes the working environment for a more user-friendly installation. It makes it easy to achieve healthy attitudes by positioning the screens at ideal height and distance. This is flexible PC support thus determines a wise angle of vision for a significant mitigation of visual discomfort and tension in the upper body. Versatile, it allows to rotate the monitors of a landscape portrait mode. This is inclined arm therefore allows the alternation of positioning and easily adapts to all the needs of employees. Practical and ergonomic, it effectively relieves musculoskeletal problems and facilitates the successful implementation of activities.

This computer base puts itself above your work plan in order to reduce the disorder. It thus ensures a gain of space and authorizes an organization of the original and methodical office. It also has a cable pass to prevent the high influx of connectors. By limiting the enclosure, the arm Slatwall offers a comfortable professional environment, conducive to concentration and productivity development.
This is wallet fast fixed to fixing rail Slatwall KIMEX 150-3301. Equipped with its complete screwdriver, it fits easily and does not require the use of specific tools. This discreet and robust arm is made of steel to support the maximum weight of 6.5kg of a monitor from 13’ to 27’’.

Number of screens 1
Find 15 ́ ́′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′
VESA (mm) 75x75 What 100x100
Inclination (high/low) Adjustable +/-45°
Orientable (left/right) Adjustable +/-90°
Pivot (pay/portrait)
Adjustable +/-180° Distance / wall Adjustable (29 cm max)
Product dimensions 405 x 125 x 105 mm
Warranty 3 years

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Delivery delay
3/5 days

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