BAKKER ELKHUIZEN ERGO-Q 330 laptop stand

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Ergo-Q 330 is a narrow, mobile laptop stand that has 6 different positions to position your computer at the right height.
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Benefits and Technical Data Support for BAKKER ELKHUIZEN ERGO-Q 330

Use your laptop in optimal ergonomic conditions thanks to this portable computer support Bakker Elkhuizen Ergo-Q 330. Lightweight, compact and versatile, this device will improve your work posture at the office, home or on the move.

Ergonomics and doctors recommend leaving a horizontal gap of 50 to 80 cm between the computer screen and the eyes. In addition, the view line compared to the center of the screen must be around 35°. These requirements are hardly applicable on a conventional office. The use of a suitable support, like this block Ergo-Q 330 from Bakker Elkhuizen, proves beneficial in this case.

This accessory allows, according to its designer, to develop a productive and healthy workspace in a few seconds. The support for laptop easily moves on a desk or on any table. Free to choose the ideal height among the six possible settings, ranging from 11 to 19 cm. The inclined platform of the support leaves an empty space, thus promoting the aeration of your computer. This open concept avoids overheating your device.

Pragmatic, Bakker Elkhuizen adds an integrated package. Your A4 documents will easily be placed on this plastic support, foldable. Papers thus placed on the front optimise your work organization. This provision is very valuable for productivity and comfort. You don’t have to look at the side or look at it to read your documents. With the papers placed in front of the screen, your neck will remain straight and spared from any unnecessary tension.

The support for Ergo-Q 330 computer is also distinguished by its versatility. Despite its compact size, this device is suitable for all laptop sizes up to 17 inches. Its reinforced plastic structure supports all types of computer, ultra-fine models to very powerful, gamer-type machines.

In telework or in the office ergonomic support make the difference. You will feel less fatigue in your muscles and joints, thanks to the optimal positioning of your computer. You will also win in visual comfort and performance. The support Bakker Elkhuizen is used preferably with a keyboard and an external mouse. With its modest dimensions, this accessory is easily stored in a bag of laptops.

Dimensions: 230*10*310 mm

6 settings from 11 to 19 cm

Weight 490 g


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