Support Nomade Laptop REKT LS-2

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Laptop and tablet support from 9.7 to 15.6 inches.
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Benefits and Technical Features Support Nomade Laptop REKT LS-2

Say goodbye to unbalanced work postures with the computer support nomad REKT LS-2. Ideal to complete mobile or teleworking posts, it will ensure functionality and comfort. This is support PC fully adjustable allows ergonomic positioning of the screens. Fastly adaptable to the needs of each, it allows a healthy use of the laptop.

The support REKT LS-2 protects the health of users by accompanying them to the integration of secure work behaviours. Assuring a custom installation, it perfectly meets the current issues of ergonomics at the office. This is tablet support thus corrects how to interact with the screens by redirecting the look upwards. The rise of the laptop significantly relieves tensions between cervical 7 and the first thoracic vertebra. This ease allows for better brain irrigation, reducing fatigue and boosting productivity. This is adjustable computer support allows to adopt optimal posture by placing the eyes at the screen level. The body straightens naturally, placing the spinal column, the stroke and the head in a fully aligned position. Fluid and pleasant, this attitude effectively fights against muscular pain at the lumbar and cervical level. It offers a feeling of relaxation and reduces visual fatigue, allowing to remain toned throughout the day. The innovative design of this PC booster ensures an indispensable aeration that allows the computer to breathe and avoid overheating.

This base PC nomade hosts laptops and tablets from 9.7 to 15.6 inches. Designed in aluminium, it combines flexibility and high resistance. In thin and light, it slips into its transport cover to accompany the user in all his movements. This is foldable computer support is thus very easily manipulable in order to best meet all the demands of professionals.


Weight: 4 kg
Dimensions: 45 x 21.2 x 12cm


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