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Jumborest offers a range of nomadic ergonomic technical aids, installable on most desks, tables and docking stations. This solution offers a large number of benefits improving the comfort of all people working seated. This ingenious system, easily adaptable to most platforms, relieves the user's elbows and forearms.

Jumborest is a range of nomadic ergonomic technical aids, which can be installed on most offices, tables and reception stations of the ERP (Public Receiving Establishments).

Used daily, Jumborest arm rests allow people seated for long hours, for professional or handicap reasons, to:

  • Prevent the occurrence of musculoskeletal disorders (TMS) by correcting the posture,
  • Adapt furniture to people with disabilities,
  • Make certain jobs and workspaces accessible,
  • Promote the continued employment of persons with disabilities.

In the industry, the Jumborest is the tool that was missing at the seated stations of manufacturing plants and workshops, for meticulous or repetitive stains.

The Jumborest is a concept produced in France and patented, the Jumborest was developed in partnership with French occupational therapists and the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Toulouse (France).

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