Comfort cushion for Jumborest arm rest

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TECHNICAL BENEFITS AND FEATURES Comfortable cushion for Jumborest arm rest

Optimize the ergonomics of your workstation by adding this comfort cushion for arm rest Jumborest to your list of essential computer devices in the office and home. This simple and clever device represents the perfect alliance between ergonomics and comfort for the most cozy. Fully hand sewn, this model particularly pleasant to the touch reveals itself in an absolutely irreproachable finish. Designed to allow optimized use of the mouse, it provides additional support to the arm, elbow and wrist during work on screen. Concretely, it will directly support the stability of the points of support by relieving the cervicals as well as muscle tension at the level of the upper limbs. By extension, this support is perfect for relaxing the neck and shoulders while avoiding unnecessary elbow pain.

Thinking to ensure better posture, the comfort cushion for arm rest Jumborest is a good complement to computerized workstations. It participates in the correction of the general posture of the body by preventing the operator from pushing the mouse and/or keyboard to the screen by bad habit. Adapted to all types of trays, this model incorporates an anti-slip surface to fast and easily attach to the office. It is support ergonomic leather simili very resistant, totally disinfectant and easy to clean.

Coussin Jumborest

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