SISSEL® posture corrector T-shirt for men

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The design of the SISSEL® Posture Shirt for men helps you position your shoulders correctly and adopt an ergonomic posture on a daily basis.

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Benefits and features SISSEL® posture corrector T-Shirt for men

Keep a healthy posture daily and in your work with this T-Shirt posture corrector Sissel® for men.

This is it ergonomic accessory both elegant and discreet reduces your exposure to musculo-skeletal disorders caused by a prolonged sitting position. This is posture corrector uses a very simple function. Its elastic fabric, made in part with elastane, tends the upper muscles of your body. Rhomboids, deltoids, round prone muscles and spiny back muscles benefit most from this adjustment action. The strength exerted by the t-shirt helps you stay straight ahead of your workstation.

Thanks to this lumbar corrector which targets the top of the back, say goodbye to muscle discomfort in front of your computer. Your shoulder muscles will gain in tone, without being too tense. The load that weighs on your spinal column will be much less in a sitting or standing position. Splendid posture straighter is pleasant to wear. Your movements will remain fluid; your muscles and skin will continue to breathe.

The T-shirt fixing posture Sissel® for men exists in several sizes, from S to XL. Each model moulds perfectly the body, for an optimal aesthetic rendering. The dark and united colour of the T-shirt gives it a certain visual quality, while strengthening its practical aspect. The thin and light fabric causes a minimum ink. You'll have fun wearing this back corrector under a jacket or on a shirt.

The T-shirt anti-mal back Sissel® does not require any particular treatment. It works very easily and in all circumstances. Looking for a cozy and pleasant dress for your daily workouts? This is back straighter rub your muscles and improve your performance. Do you need more support for your shoulders and back during your workdays? Put this soft and sober top under your workwear. This is posture corrector is also very simple to maintain. A simple wash at 40° is sufficient to extend its life and to maintain its ergonomic and muscular capacities.


Available in sizes S, M, L and XL

Colour: Black


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