PU nylon high stool

VAT included
  • Assisi PU round
  • Seating height adjustment using the ring mechanism
  • Gas cylinder 270 mm
  • Footrest ring
  • Plastic footing
  • Patins
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Benefits and technical characteristicss High stool PU nylon

This is high nylon stool is the solution against back pain and muscle felt after a long working day sitting at work. Its ergonomic structure allows to keep the back straight in the sitting position and preserve the natural curvature of the spinal column. Once installed, the basin is correctly positioned perfectly aligned with the rest of the body which will leave room for an optimal seat experience. Intervertebral discs are at least under pressure and feet are flat on the ground ready to bear part of the person's weight. Its rounded shape is dauntingly effective to avoid pressure points at thighs.

This is stool adjustable in height gas cylinder 270 mm is presented in standard on skates. It rests firmly on the ground while offering perfect stability. The height of its seat is easily adjusted to the size of the user thanks to the ring mechanism. Thought to allow a long-lasting seat in comfort, this high stool is resolutely flexible and adaptable to all morphologies. Its round black PU seat is perched on a 5-point plastic piety on which a footrest ring is added to it. It is a room that wants to be design and comfortable in all situations.



Data sheet

2 years
Delivery delay
1/2 weeks

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