Swivel seat 09701

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The 09701 stool with swivel backrest / armrest offers optimal seating, comfortable and beneficial for the health of your back.

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The spivoting seat 09701 is designed to break long chains of physical inactivity in the office. It is an ergonomic design that offers an active seat for the greatest good of the back. A beautiful combination of aesthetics and comfort, it is fully part of the trend of the moment that encourages a completely revisited mobility in the workplace. Beneficial for health, this model adopts specific forms that are both singular and enveloping to adapt automatically to the morphology of the person. Its rounded to mid-height back supports intervertebral discs while marvelously wrapping the curves of the spine. It rotates 360° and can be brought back to the front to support the arms or back.

The ergonomic stool with file 09701 allows a straight and suitable sitting position. It is equipped with a swivel armrest added to optimize the seat experience and release the movement. Mounted on design piety 5 spindles, it is a seat that wants to be comfortable and ergo-dynamic. It allows for greater mobility and facilitates small trips to the office.

The headquarters 09701 it is easy to find its place in doctors, in care rooms, in reception, in office, in recording studios and even in nurseries and kindergartens.


Data sheet

14 kg
Height adjustment
Height adjustable: - 430-515 mm - or 490-565 mm - or 540-650
- Depth 335 x width 480 x height 80 mm
- Width 523 mm x width 115 mm x height 80mm - Height adjustable by 75 mm, manually - Swivels 360°
smooth with brake
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Delivery delay
1/2 weeks
Chrome steel
Type (sit)
Early childhood

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