Foldable green background KIMEX 047-0003180x200 (cm)

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It is indeed a question of foldable green background used by the Streamers. Easy to carry, this accessory has a dimension of projection area de 180x200 cm (width x Height). It should be noted that his canvas remains manually adjustable at the height level. Thanks to the tripod and the carter (about 188 cm), the latter represents one of the foldable solutions most appreciated by influencers and video lovers.

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Description and benefits of the foldable green bottom KIMEX 047-0003180x200 (cm)

Mainly, this green background for streamer is used for image or video funds. However, the latter may also be used for other uses. This involves videoconferences, games, live streaming, YouTube, podcasting, and many more. Thanks to its 047-0003 fabric made of polyester, durability and infroissability are ensured. In addition, it offers incomparable effects of chromatic incrustation. This gives users the privilege to achieve perfect integration in all their background scenes. Thanks to the ultralight cardboard and the base of the foldable tripod available this green background, the transport and storage of the screen become practical, simple, and fast. A tip for a quick and effortless adjustment of the canvas: make use of the height adjustment handle and the locking lever. Among the greatest assets of this foldable green background KIMEX is the fact that it can adapt easily to your need and preference. With a height-adjustable canvas, it represents a revolutionary and ergonomic solution for your video projects. In addition, this foldable green background weighs only 8 kg.

Technical characteristics of the foldable green bottom KIMEX 047-0003180x200 (cm)

Reference: 047-0003


Colour map : Black

Dimension of the projection area: 180 x 200 cm

Installation: on the ground

Fabrication material: Polyester/Carter Tile

Card length: 188 cm

Product weight : 8 kg

Warranty: 3 years


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